ABout us

Here is the official “about us” line:                                       shutterstock_195843917

We are a friendly, family focused gym with world class instruction in a clean high quality facility.

what i wanted to say is:

I hated “sterile” corporate feeling gyms with a high pressure sales force and the bottom line as their only motivation to help people, with instructors that had the personality and bedside manner of a plastic cup.  So i opened a gym and made it awesome, then i filled it with wonderful people who care about your health and goals and then i hired world champions as trainers to ensure the best service to my members.

and what i really, really want to say is:

I was sick and tired of seeing stories of kids being bullied and kids having low confidence and being conquered by life, i was sick and tired of hearing about our obesity rate and poor health of my fellow americans. I was sick and tired of kids being misled about how life really works and that metals and championships are earned and not handed out like lollipops i.e. participation medals. Folks, modern philosophy has fialed our children and it is up to us to show them self confidence, honor, disipline and courage are skills that are learned. It is up to us to show them that a proper diet and exersice program can add years to our lives. So i opened a place where we can do this togehter and our kids can see us pratice what we preach and be good examples of what proper health looks like, and learning new life skills at the same time. If we do not teach our children, who will?  We want you to come join our family, and take charge of your health.

but they will probably make me stick with the first one haha

come by and see me anytime, my door is always open


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