Maybe you are your kids problem..

Yeah, YouDickhead!

Hey, ever think that maybe you have no clue about how to fix this? Your kid is being bullied,  and if you are lucky enough to have them come to you for advice and you fuck it up…well, you are a dickhead. If you have no clue, or you had your share of being traumatized and couldn’t pull out of it how can you give advice. You can get your son’s ass kicked or maybe keep him out of the cool kid club forever or screw him up mentally but, I don’t know if you are qualified to tell him anything solid. How about, ” son. I had my share of that too” or ” son, I don’t really know but I think we can figure it out together”. Pretty sure the boy will respect you twice as much for doing that then you acting like you had your shit together at his age, or that you was the “cool kid” in school. If you was that cool kid then how the fuck did you let your boy get this deep? Was you too busy watching old 80’s movies or just being a selfish, self centered prick? Either way, be very careful how you handle your boy coming to you in what he would consider the most vulnerable he has or will ever be in his life. Don’t be a douche bag, be as vulnerable with your kid as he has just tried to be with you…got it?