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Hey everyone,

I want to sound chipper and happy like we are taught to do but if you are here, then it isn’t all fun and games today. You need help and your child needs relief. I make no promises, but after years in the martial arts, I believe i can help. If your saying wait a minute, I want to see some credentials then I am not for you. You need to read another doctor this or doctor that book, meanwhile your kid is getting his or her ass kicked or living in misery.


I do not believe in this ” modern philosophy ” of don’t touch this, don’t look at that ” I couldn’t imagine being a kid today. We are raising pussies and we can’t help it. You only get them for what  3-4 hours a day max? The world gets them for a whole lot more time than that. If you do not take this VERY seriously , like a friggin second job type seriously I fear your child will just be another statistic of shattered confidence and self esteem.  Studies show that most kids do not come back from that.


I want you to know what you are up against, its called society, life and moronic politicians telling you how you can raise your child. Yea, thanks anyway guys but I will raise my kids thanks,  why don’t you guys mind your own business and work on the national budget.

Let me introduce myself, My name is jim and here is my bio:

I am not politically correct, i hate modern philosophy ( i think it ruined the country ) i am a right wing, constitution loving, gun loving, sport hunting , non vegetarian , UFC fan and big fan of joe rogan. I can’t be bothered structuring paragraphs or putting the period in the right place, hell i don’t know if i could. I think liberals are ruining this country and we are cowering to people and countries we shouldn’t be cowering to.

If you follow me or this blog this is what your in for, if you are easily insulted then 2 things, 1: take a hike and 2: you need to get your child to a liberal counselor that will write him or her a prescription for 2 or 3 mind erasing pills to cope and you need taken out and whipped as a bad parent.


I know what has and hasn’t worked with 100’s of kids and you know what, i will take experience over theory every day of the week. I know why most kids get bullied and i know how to fix it, but it isn’t a slogan or a catch phrase, it isn’t a quick read or a few simple steps, it is a new operation system a new way to think about what to do and why. I intend to put everything i know, see or hear that is worth knowing in this site.


Stick around, i will show you what an alpha mindset is and how it is critical for success in life.


Now I have to do the whole bullshit disclaimer thing:


” I an not a trained psychologist. I have no formal ” academic ” degree or anything pertaining to what you would consider or mistake for a professional academic degree.You should not take anything i say as a licensed or properly trained opinion. Matter of fact , it would be best if you don’t listen to anything i say”


What i do have is tons of hands on, real world, tangible results. I have students that are happy health and look nothing like they did when they came to me. They are ready for life and the bullshit that comes with it.